Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Marketing

TransPerfect is the only language company to have an entire department of advertising account managers dedicated exclusively to healthcare. These team members have been highly trained. They work closely with the marketing departments of pharmaceutical companies and their agencies. They are focused on staying up-to-date on the rapidly changing requirements of this highly regulated industry: they have been chosen for their ability to develop innovative solutions quickly so they can facilitate our client's rapidly evolving needs.

This team is quick to share the knowledge that they are acquiring as they handle a wide range of projects—knowledge that supports the cooperative relationship between client and service provider that is essential in the international healthcare marketing arena.

Our full-time staff offers a full range of translation and cultural consulting services in over 100 languages. Whether you'd like us to adapt an ad concept for another culture, administer a research instrument to a non-English speaking sample, provide interpretation for a medical symposium, or translate a patient brochure, TransPerfect offers the highest quality language solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With over 80 offices worldwide, we are committed to being available to our clients-in person. Our dedicated Healthcare Marketing Account Team is exemplifies our commitment to providing the highest level of client service.

Our healthcare marketing specializations include: