Multicultural Market Research

Multicultural Market Research


Are you conducting research in the Big 5? Exploring opportunities in African or Scandinavian countries? Adapting an American ad campaign for Japan? Expanding global capabilities can be daunting in and of itself, but in an increasingly integrated world, market research firms must also cope with the added challenges posed by international and multicultural research: Meeting strict deadlines while fulfilling client sample requirements that could be in any and every language.

Operating out of over 85 cities worldwide, TransPerfect has a global footprint that allows us to offer the 24/7 resources of our production centers, as well as a dedicated contact who’s  help make your workflow more efficient by managing projects going into any language.

When tasked with the translation of surveys and other documentation for the multicultural market research industry, TransPerfect recognizes that translating directly from the English source into the target language is not always effective. Instead, we focus on the context. Through the process of localization we adapt the content to meet the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of a specific target market. The end result is a more comfortable experience for the user, which in turn, helps our clients attain better results.

Below you will find a list of specialized multicultural market research services hand-tailored to meet the needs of global research providers. They can be used independently or as part of an integrated package to save time and money, and to drive maximum efficiency.



TransPerfect is the ideal choice for market research companies, advertising agencies, and Fortune 500 marketing departments around the world. With a global network of over 4,000 professional linguists and subject area specialists, TransPerfect can handle all of your needs in over 100 languages. Simply put, TransPerfect offers a complete solution. We leverage our knowledge of each client's project requirements to provide the most appropriate services. In doing so, TransPerfect is able to offer real benefits that range from increased cost-efficiency and faster turnarounds to unparalleled client service with improved consistency and quality.

TransPerfect is associated with the following organizations: American Marketing Association, Marketing Research Association, PMRG, and Healthcare Businesswomen's Association.