Multilingual Survey Management

Multilingual Survey Management


Knowing your audience is crucial to any business. The creation and management of multilingual surveys and international surveys both internally and externally is central to generating information that can have a profound impact on the bottom line. With marketplaces expanding beyond domestic borders, there is an ever-increasing need to make these surveys accessible to multilingual audiences.

Whether you’re dealing with market research or employee satisfaction surveys, the entire process—from questionnaire creation to response management—becomes more complex when dealing with multiple languages and target cultures. TransPerfect’s extensive global footprint affords us the expertise and region-specific knowledge necessary to manage all stages of multilingual surveys.

In order to obtain the most accurate results, we recognize the need to generate a survey that reads as if it was originally written in the target language.  Ease-of-use, as well as culturally appropriate content and phrasing is paramount in achieving an authentic survey, which is why we localize each survey to fit the needs of the audience.  Additionally, we have the requisite resources to collect responses and manage your data in over 100 languages. Below is a summary of the services we offer:



TransPerfect combines linguistic expertise, unmatched resources, and technical know-how to create customized Multilingual Survey Management solutions. Our familiarity with consumer, employee, b2b, and e-learning surveys gives us the edge in ensuring that you receive the most relevant, substantial, and valuable data from worldwide audiences. TransPerfect is the industry leader in providing cost-efficiency and faster turnarounds, both of which are key to research in any sector.

TransPerfect is the ideal choice for research companies, and Fortune 500 marketing and HR departments around the world. With a global network of over 4,000 professional linguists and subject area specialists, TransPerfect can handle all of your survey management needs in over 100 languages.